Corporate Services

Break Free Consulting offers a wide variety of services all focused on VALUE. Our role in your Organizational Development is to maximize the use of each individuals capacity… the core of which is their thinking and valuing habits.decisions

You will be provided with science-based and time-tested products and services that go below the surface of behavior, personality, and performance to the very foundation that drives individual and organizational success and failure. Through this approach, you and your team, across all levels and functions of an organization, will raise their ability to think better and, therefore, can and do produce dramatic, measurable and sustainable improvements in performance.

Success boils down to adding or creating value. When you add or create value, people buy your products, buy into your ideas, contribute to your causes, give more to their projects, and be more productive and cooperative. Using the science of axiology (study of human value and value judgments), you will learn about value decisions and how to create or add more value which will improve your results and your success. Additionally, you will learn how to apply the latest discoveries in neuroscience to create new valuing habits that will help you consistently make better choices.

What services do we offer?

  • ASSESSMENTS: Because axiology is based in mathematics, our assessment cuts through the subjectivity to achieve true measurement of your thinking and valuing habits (the foundation of every choice and decision, every behavior and action.)
  • COACHING: Typical coaching programs focus on “doing” or the extrinsic. The person needs to have coaching, teaching and mentoring to make real, lasting changes in how they think, what they do, and who they are.
  1. Teaching: You will learn how to best make changes and how to use your brain better.
  2. Coaching: You will practice what you learn on a regular basis and it will become habit.
  3. Mentoring: You will focus on ‘being’ and interacting with other human ‘beings’.
  • WORKSHOPS: Teamwork is vital to your organization’s success. Your team will learn how to make positive shifts in their thinking and valuing. They will learn how to envision and create positive changes and lead others by communicating the value more effectively.
  • KEYNOTES & PRESENTATIONS: We offer presentations, keynotes and webinars based in applying neuro-axiological principles including the following:

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