Breaking Free – April 2010 – Overcoming Indecision




Overcoming Indecision

I was trying to decide what to write about this month. At first nothing exciting came to mind. Then lots of ideas came to my head but after re-evaluating, those ideas might not have been too exciting either.

Then, it happened. I thought that writing about decision making and overcoming indecisiveness would be valuable and maybe even exciting.

The Choices You Make

Let’s look at how long it takes you to make a decision.

IndecisionHow much mental energy do you put into deciding:

  • where to eat dinner?
  • what clothes to wear?
  • where to go on vacation?
  • what product to buy?

How long does it take you to make decisions at work?

  • which resources to use?
  • what path to take?
  • how much time to invest?

Every choice you make means that you lose out on all of the other options. Choice = loss. Doesn’t that seem very final?

Good Decisions

We all want to make good decisions and choices. A choice is a value judgment plain and simple. Choice is about selecting the option that your mind believes is the best decision. It’s about what adds the greatest value.

At times you may question your ability to make good decisions. Why is that? Is it because you weren’t taught how to do so? Do you not know what a good decision-making process looks like? Do you overvalue the impact of the decision and not see it (or the options) in proper perspective?

The conclusions you make about the ‘right’ thing to do are not always accurate. Sometimes your perception or perspective is ‘off’ or out of focus. This may cause you to be wary of making a decision because past choices may have not met your expectations. Good choices are value-centered!

So how do you make good, value-centered choices?


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