Services for Individuals

Break Free Consulting offers a wide variety of services all focused on VALUE. Our role in your personal and professional development is to maximize the use of your natural thinking and valuing strengths.

You will have access to the latest science-based and time-tested products and services that go below the surface of behavior, personality, and performance to the very foundation that drives individual and organizational success and failure. Through this approach, you will raise your ability to think better and, therefore, can and do produce dramatic, measurable and sustainable improvements in performance.

What services do we offer?

  • ASSESSMENTS: Because axiology is based in mathematics, our assessment cuts through the subjectivity to achieve true measurement of your thinking and valuing habits (the foundation of every choice and decision, every behavior and action.)




Getting the VALUE from Your VQ Profile Report

Here are some deliberate practices you can immediately start applying to improve both your personal and professional performance once you have your VQ Profile in hand:

1.  Self-Awareness. Learn to recognize the “inner voices” that come from your lower-VQ perspectives. When you begin to notice these thoughts and feel your emotional reactions (frustration, stress, anxiety, fear, anger, or confusion) you will have the power to shift your perspective.

2. Self-Empowered. The next step after you become more aware is to shift your perspective by asking yourself the Central Question of Life, Love and Leadership:
“What choice can I make and action can I take, in this moment, to create the greatest net value?”
If you keep this question in the forefront of your mind, it will make a huge difference.

3. Focus on Your Strengths. Neuro-science has proven that focusing on trying to “fix your weaknesses” rarely produces lasting results. What’s more, while you are trying to fix your Self you are probably not making good use of the strengths you already have. The science of neuro-axiology, which is the foundation of Axiogenics, offers a far more powerful approach called “strengths-based deliberate practice”. This means that you focus on what’s strong and ignore what’s ‘wrong’.

4. Shift to Your Strengths. Asking yourself a Centering Question is a powerful technique for instantly shifting your mental focus from a low VQ perspective to perspectives that have a clearer / more balanced perception (high VQ). It starts with “noticing” when you are being “overtaken” by thought processes driven by a low VQ. When you develop the presence of mind to ask your Self one of your Centering Questions, you will instantly shift to a healthier perspective that can help you make a better value judgment. The result will be better choices and more value-added actions and even reactions.


  • COACHING: Typical coaching programs focus on “doing” or the extrinsic. The person needs to have coaching, teaching and mentoring to make real, lasting changes in how they think, what they do, and who they are.
  1. Teaching: You will learn how to shift to YOUR best thinking and how to use your brain better.
  2. Coaching: You will practice what you learn on a regular basis and it will become habit.
  3. Mentoring: You will focus on ‘being’ and interacting with other human ‘beings’.
  • GROUP COACHING: Offers all the benefits of individual coaching and includes the interaction with other professionals as you spend 14 sessions going through the practicum.