Doug Winnie

“Traci, you have worked a miracle! I’ve gone from an overly aggressive, scared, and fairly shy person, to a compassionate, caring, and empathic listener, now capable to speak to any size of audience. As my “Be” coach, you’ve done an incredible feat to help me get through my challenges, so now I am very capable of truly connecting with people […]

Teresa Burgess

“…I was tired of the PDU standard venues and decided to try something new. All I can say is “WOW!” That person on the team who drove me over the edge – Traci’s coaching gave me the tools to solve. The beating my head against the wall because nobody would give the project the same priority – Traci’s coaching gave […]

Brian Posner

“Traci worked with me to address my growth opportunities as an individual and also to polish my already established strengths. Through Traci’s advice I have learned how to better deal with my career challenges and have been able to accept new opportunities and expand my horizons as an individual.”

Roger Ellson

“I attended Traci’s Leadership Brilliance Workshop. Traci has an excellent understanding of psychology and how the brain works, and, given this understanding provides an excellent framework for how people can approach situations to achieve the best outcomes.”

Michelle Curtis

This course takes the soft skills and humorously and successfully show how it improves the hard skills at your organization. Best course I have taken at PMI hands down!! Traci is exceptional. Laugh and Learn and join the fun.

Glenn Farrow

Traci is great! Her energy is fantastic and her passion about the content is stimulating. This course is for anyone who wants to be more genuine in all aspects of their life. The material is life changing and Traci is an excellent facilitator.

Susan Ellefson

I had more “ah-ha” moments in 2 days than I’ve had in years of reading leadership books.